Massive recall in France: above all, do not drink the water bottles of this brand …

France has been completely turned upside down by the Buitoni affair for several months now. The case that started it all. Since then, officials have been very cautious. From now on, water bottles should be the subject of increased vigilance. The official website of the Ministry of Health warned consumers on May 11 that a brand of mineral water should be avoided at all costs. It was n Claudia sparkling mineral water 1.5 liters. But also the 0.5 liter natural sparkling mineral water from the Clavdia brand. This recall concerns these two products, as they may be dangerous to the health of consumers. And this, due to the presence of Staphylococcus aureus in the water.

Supervised water bottles

For several months, many products have been the subject of recalls in France. And the least we can say is that consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to place their trust in this sector. Because of the reminders that take place every week, the French no longer manage to know what to eat and what to throw away. If the food very often the object of controls, it is also necessary to be very vigilant regarding water. Many French people prefer to buy bottled water to avoid contamination at the tap. However, the association did Acting for the environment revealed an alarming observation.

According to this association, many bottles of water contain microplastics. Eight out of ten bottles would show contamination. For this study, Agir pour l’environnement called on the Labocea laboratory, which specializes in this research. So the association revealed: By applying a particularly careful protocol, Labocea identified between 1 and 121 plastic microparticles per liter. In total, the lab highlighted four different types of plastic ».

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“We think we are buying pure water, but it contains plastic”

Acting for the Environment also revealed: Given their nature, it appears that most of these microplastics come from the bottle, the cap. And the bottling process “. Don’t forget to add: « Subjected to high heat and light, these water bottles can release even greater amounts of microplastics ». Certain brands are also subject to increased vigilance. The water bottles of many famous brands. To know: Badoit, Carrefour, Cristaline, Evian. But also Perrier, Volvic and Vittel. The “kids” bottle of this last brand contains 121 microparticles. A real risk to children.

Magali Ringoot, member of Agir pour l’environnement, said: ” For us it is a scandal. We are thinking of buying pure water. But it contains plastic ». However, this is not the only reason. She also announced: “The plastic has no place in bottled water. Additives are subject to industrial secrecy. So we don’t know what chemical cocktail we are exposed to ». In its report, the association also indicates that the presence of plastic in the water constitutes a great danger to children. The reason is that children often drink from plastic water bottles. According to the association, great vigilance to protect the youngest becomes necessary.

The state must protect our health and the environment

Acting for the Environment announces: We cannot accept that the manufacturers of bottled water sell water contaminated by plastic. But presented as supposedly ‘pure’ “. The association further added: And on top of that 300 more expensive than tap water! The state must protect our health and the environment. Mainly for children. And this, by ensuring that the food chain is not polluted by plastic “. Finally, the association drew a conclusion about these water bottles. « We need to get out of disposable plastic as soon as possible. Start by banning plastic bottles “. One certainty, this report did not fail trouble many families.

And with good reason, more and more French people are buying bottled water to escape the bacteria that can be found in the tap. However, it turns out that even bottled water poses a danger to our health. It remains to be seen whether the industry will choose to speak out on the subject. The association also hopes that the State become aware of the issue. We’ll have to wait until we know more!

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