Massacre of Erba, the guardian of Rosa and Olindo asks for the sentence to be reviewed.  What happens now

Massacre of Erba, the guardian of Rosa and Olindo asks for the sentence to be reviewed. What happens now

Rosa Bazzi and Olindo Romano during the trial Como, 31 August 2023 – An application for revision of the sentence of life imprisonment of Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi for the massacre of Erba on 11 December 2006 has been presented to the Court of appeal of Brescia by the guardian of the two spouses, the lawyer Diego Soddu, after that of the deputy attorney general of Milan Cuno Tarfusser. According to what has been learned, in the request, the guardian of the spouses Romano requests that his request be joined to that of the Milanese magistrate. The Brescian judges will have to decide on the admissibility of both requests and on their eventual unification. The guardian is one of the persons entitled to request the revision of the sentence. Rosa and Olindo were found guilty of the condominium massacre in which Raffaella Castagna, her mother Paola Galli, little Youssef Marzouk and Valeria Cherubini, wife of Mario Frigerio, who was wounded but survived, lost their lives Clash between robes The story of Rosa and Olindo is underway currently a clash of robes. The Attorney General of the Cassation has in fact sent the documents to the disciplinary section of the CSM asking to judge the work of the Milan prosecutor Cuno Tarfusser, for the ways in which he proposed the revision of the trial on the Erba massacre which took place in 2006. to the report of the Milanese attorney general Francesca Nanni, he would have “violated the duties of correctness, confidentiality and balance” and would not have complied with the “organizational document of the office”. Tarfusser essentially believes that life imprisonment is a judicial error but within his office they do not think like him and the last word to present a review request would have belonged to the Attorney General who therefore reported the incident to the Superior Council of the Judiciary.

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