Massachusetts Driver’s License: How to Apply for It for the First Time

According to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), new applicants for a driver’s license in the state must complete a series of steps to obtain this privilege. Broadly, these steps involve applying for a learner’s permit that will be needed to schedule the driving test later, the last requirement for this procedure, which consists of a demonstration of skills in front of an expert RMV evaluator.

As in this type of procedure, It is necessary for the applicant not only to submit a series of documents for registration in the RMV files, but also to pay a fee for the processing of the information and the final issuance of the document.

How to apply for a Massachusetts driver’s license for the first time?

Basically, the entire application process for a first-time driver’s license in Massachusetts boils down to one goal: demonstrate that you have all the skills and abilities to drive a vehicle safely. To do this, knowledge of traffic laws and signs is evaluated in a written exam that leads to the issuance of a learner’s permit with certain restrictions, and then driving skills in the driving test, the product of which is a driver’s license, driving without restrictions. The steps to follow to complete the process are as follows:

1. Apply for a learner’s permit: in the state of Massachusetts, this first step can be started online. You must be at least 16 years old and have identification and a completed application form with you when you visit an RMV office. With this first application, the RMV grants authorization to take the written exam.

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2. Pass the written exam: The RMV allows driver’s license applicants to complete this requirement online. It is available in 34 languages ​​and requires the applicant to answer 18 questions correctly within 25 minutes. Those who prefer to do so in person should only state this during their application.

3. Pay the corresponding fee: Applying for a learner’s permit in Massachusetts costs $30.

4. Once you have obtained your driver’s license, applicant can continue the process by scheduling a driving test appointment, the last requirement needed to obtain a Class D driver’s license (required to drive cars and trucks for personal use). However, the RMV encourages applicants to use the permit to prepare, to practice as much as possible, before taking the next step.

5. With the exam scheduled, the applicant must attend the appointment day to be evaluated by an RMV expert. The driving test is carried out in real conditions, therefore the applicant will be able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of the act of driving.

Once the driving test is passed, the applicant can go to a local RMV office to process the unrestricted driver’s licensetransfer what the RMV determines in your case.

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