Mask requirement – protection and damage – your SZ

That a mouthguard is now mandatory in public life arouses the mind. Finally, a uniform regulation, some say, outrageous restriction, the other – especially since masks suggested a protective effect that they do not have medically.

On “Joint effort” from April 23, “Mask-have!” from 18th / 19th April as well as on “Material of the Future” from April 17:

Recommend instead of commit

Now the next nationwide measure is here, mandatory mouth protection for everyone in shops and in public transport. However, the medical relevance is very controversial, sometimes even negative. I find it regrettable how quickly a recommendation that is controversial can become a binding measure. There is no scientific and medical basis for discussing and weighing this up publicly.

Thus individual federal states have come to the conclusion of making a recommendation and not a liability. It would have been desirable that individual state governments had not collapsed here. It is obvious that this was only implemented in order to drive a nationwide course, in the interests of the Federal Chancellor. Whatever your point of view, it does not inspire confidence in how the state governments will deal with upcoming proposals. In my opinion, more courage to think and steadfastness is required here.

Daniel Pfeifer, Mainz

The smile is neglected

A mask is not a fashion accessory like glasses that you put on, although you don’t need them, but, in some cases, a necessity at the moment. You wear the mask so that you don’t have to wear it anytime soon. As soon as the risk of virus infection is averted, you should dispose of it with joy or keep it in the back of the closet for future cases. Therefore, the comparison with the skier’s helmet is also incorrect. Because you wear it for your own protection and are not looking forward to the time because it is no longer necessary.

In my opinion, masks should only be worn if there is a lack of distance, such as in public transport or when shopping, which has been done so far. Because if everyone now walks around masked on the street, we lose part of our cultural identity, which is also based on the fact that you can look each other in the face. And you get a smile every now and then. If only from a distance at the moment.

Thomas Armbrüster, Erding

(Photo: SZ-Illustration)

Good uniform decision

After seemingly endless, sometimes hysterical discussions, all 16 federal states finally agreed on a uniform mask requirement. In the end, common sense and insight have won that going it alone and, above all, being knowledgeable about this highly sensitive topic is inappropriate. This also spares the Federal Republic a patchwork that citizens really would not have needed in this difficult time.

The masks will not eradicate the corona virus, but anyone who doesn’t get the virus in public life or in the supermarket is an invaluable asset. In addition, the mask does not harm the economy or its wearer. The mask is therefore more than just a symbolic policy and, moreover, is not suitable as a thirst for profiling individual prime ministers. However, if all Germans wear masks, this must not lead to false security, distance and hand hygiene remain the most important protective measures.

Dietmar Helmers, Westerheim

Security is only suggested

For weeks now there has been an uncritical whitewashing of fear-driven changes in the thinking and behavior of many people in the media. The mask is a symbol for this. It suggests security, and many of them quickly accept everything.

Now the comment “Future of the Future” wants to sell us the face mask as a means against the division of society. In my opinion, the allegation of ideology falls back on author Kia Vahland herself. External equality and conformity when wearing a mask do not even obscure the fact that the real social division is increased by the measures taken. Those who have a crisis-proof job, a decent income, a good education and a comfortable living situation can more easily cope with restrictions than previously socially disadvantaged people. An older couple may find it easier to cope with all regulations than working mothers and fathers with toddlers and adolescents who want to be employed. A large company will survive the crisis more easily than the small self-employed.

Internet trade is benefiting and the small business in the city center is falling by the wayside. The mask as “stuff of the future” should be the solution now? Yes, is it still ok In my opinion, the mask signals that you perceive other people and yourself as a danger to life and limb. Do we want to convey this to our children as a future attitude towards life?

Ursula Straka, Oettingen

Distrust is stirred up

There is far too little discussion about what masks in public space mean in our society: they make everyone anonymous at the same time, they cause uncertainty and distrust, yes fear. They prevent open communication, it is no longer possible to read in the face of the other person. Up to now, masks in Germany have only been worn by people who did not want to be recognized: hooded people on demos, bank robbers, hostage-takers. I am convinced that a long-term mask requirement has the potential to sustainably damage our open democratic society and our dealings with one another. It’s definitely not worth it.

Florian Fritz, Aying

Mask doesn’t match culture

Hopefully, the mask will not become a natural utensil in the future, which we “adapt to our wardrobe depending on the situation”, as claimed in the article “Mask-have”. It does not fit into our culture, which appreciates a free, open face that makes every expression of my face visible. Our culture tolerates human closeness and polite distance as in Asia only on special occasions or in exceptional situations (corona).

Where are all the burqa and niqab opponents who usually speak up when it comes to the non-acceptance of covering part or all of the face? The mask disfigures us. She “makes us mumble, sweat, and you can’t breathe properly”. Depending on the material, skin irritation cannot be excluded. Apart from that, it really doesn’t suit anyone, not even in patterned, pointed or traditional form. That the mask can still be useful temporarily may be true. We are bound to have to deal with it for known reasons. But please not in the long run, but for a limited time like all the other measures!

Petra Hufeisen-Langer, churches