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Mask, clean hands or medicine. How are you advised to protect yourself from SARS today? | Healthy life | Health

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Now popular for protection against viruses that cause SARS and flu masks. We see many masked people in public transport. It's good. But do not overestimate this method of protection and forget about others, no less important and effective.

“Coughing or sneezing are less common than we think,” says pediatrician, professor, chief researcher at the Scientific and Research Center for Children's Health Vladimir Tatochenko. “Of course, getting in close contact is easy.” But usually the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the air is small and not enough to cause the disease. More often, pathogens are transmitted by contact.

It is known that during the day we usually touch the eyes, nose, lips 300 times. As a result, viruses and bacteria fall on hands, and from them on surrounding objects. When people touch them, they contaminate their hands with pathogens, and then, touching their nose, mouth or eyes, become infected. This is a very effective way to transmit the infection. Confirmed by research: two hours after a sick cold entered the room by touching the door handle, all the other door handles in the building were contaminated with viruses. Conclusion: you need to wash your hands more often. I myself examine children without a mask, but immediately after that I always wash my hands. The great pediatrician G.N.SperanskyThe one I studied with was a habit – he never shook hands and even sometimes hid her behind her back. Somehow I got the audacity and asked why he was doing this. George Nestorovich replied that the flu is transmitted through a handshake. Imagine it was 60 years ago! And today, science has proven that he was absolutely right. ”

Where to look for vitamins?

Talking about the individual prevention of colds, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Leading Researcher, Academician N.F. Gamalei National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Nikolay Malyshev Highlights the following areas:

“First of all, it is hardening, but it must be started in the summer. It has already been proven that one who is tempered is much less likely to get sick. Pouring cold water, shower, cool foot baths – all this is very good.

Do you need vitamins? They, of course, are necessary for the human body. And we must take advantage of the fact that now, in autumn, there are still many vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables, they must be consumed.

Vaccination is the basis of flu prevention. Even if it does not completely protect against the disease, it significantly reduces the possibility of complications from the flu.

There are such drugs that will help carry out the comprehensive prevention of colds. Among them are well-known interferons. They have been used for a long time and now also apply. In addition to them, there are also interferon inducers that cause the production of interferon in our body. Since this is its own interferon, there can be no allergic reaction to it. Interferon inducers help to reduce the duration of the clinical manifestations of the disease and their severity. Treatment and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections with interferon and interferon inducers is the merit of our national medical school, and above all Academician Felix Ivanovich Ershovwho has been studying and developing new drugs for many years. ”

There are many such drugs. But you can often hear that from the point of view of evidence-based medicine they are ineffective. How do we relate to these statements? This is a manifestation of pharmaceutical wars. Do not be their participant and keep a sober look at this hype. Wars go on, and drugs are cured.



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