Hazem Al-Hadidi, the player’s business manager, Marwan Mohsen, said that his client feels the utmost love and appreciation for the Red Castle and its fans.

Al-Hadidi added, in exclusive statements to Lilacoura, today, Thursday: “Marwan Mohsen came out of the big door of Al-Ahly, knowing and appreciating the value of this great entity.

The director of Marwan Mohsen added: “Today, Marwan Mohsen’s relationship with Al-Ahly ended on the field, but the club will remain in his heart and mind for life, and who does not know may return to him one day.”

The player’s manager concluded his statements by saying: “The love relationship between Marwan and Al-Ahly will not end just because of his departure from the Red Castle, and the link will remain in place because the player did not raise any problems throughout his history,” stressing his confidence that his client will present a wonderful level in his next station and will be one of the most prominent strikers in the competition. Al-Druy because of his distinctive abilities.


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