Marvel will draw inspiration from God of War Ragnarok for one of its next big games

The next big Marvel games are sure to have a bit of God of War Ragnarok in their blood if the latest news is to be believed.

God of War Ragnarok is undoubtedly one of the best games of 2022. Not only has the title received several awards at the Game Awards, and from PlayStation, but as a bonus, it has literally exploded in sales on PS5. But behind this game there are above all countless talents, although we tend to talk about only some of them. Talented artists who eye the competition, and the latter does not hesitate to poach.

A talent from God of War Ragnarok on a Marvel game

After the game Wonder Woman, which got a talented Lead UX Designer, it’s the turn of another superhero game to recruit a member of Santa Monica. This time it’s Elizabeth Wright, Senior Level Designer who will come to lend a hand to Amy Henning (Uncharted) on his upcoming Marvel game. A title that will feature Black Panther, Azzuri, T’Challa’s grandfather, and Captain America, who will be Steve Rogers, during the Second World War. For now, however, the game has no official name or release date.

This new Marvel game is developed by Skydance New Media, headed by Amy Henning, and is expected in the next few years on consoles and PC and it seems that it aims to take inspiration from one of the best narrative action games of these last years. The future will tell us if he will succeed in his bet or not.

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Elizabeth Wright for her part, admitted to being particularly happy to join the team in this brand new project.



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