Maru Botana redoubled the bet with a suggestive video – GENTE Online

On vacation in Mendoza together with his whole family, Maru Botana went viral on social networks after sharing an unusual video where she is seen licking a piece of ice. While he quickly removed the sequence in Instagram, it didn’t take long for users to share their image everywhere.

The main reason that the cook gained so much notoriety is that her clip was taken with a sexual tone because of the way she licks the ice. Hours later, Maru assured that he published it because he was amused and clarified that it was his community manager who eliminated it when he saw the great repercussions that were generated by his video. It makes me laugh a lot! I did not delete it. It was deleted by one of the guys who handle me on social networks and was scared. That’s why I uploaded it. Because it seemed so funny to me. I did not delete it “, warned.

The cook shares much of her daily routine on Instagram.

Far from the hilarious situation ending with his clarification, Botana went for more and in the last hours shared new images where he returned to play with the double meaning that was previously seen with ice.

In response to the malicious comments, Maru recorded himself training in the morning near the mountains in Luján de Cuyo: “Today … amazing. Now we stretch well, well stretched, there … Ugh, uf, uf .. there right here“, launched ironic while touches his crotch.

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