Marry me?.. A famous Egyptian artist takes off the modesty dress and asks for Sabreen’s hand on the air.. The latter’s reaction shocked everyone!

The artist Sabreen had a cooking experience during a previous interview with Esaad Younes on the “Sahebat Al-Saada” program broadcast on the “dmc” satellite channel.

Sabreen told Asaad Younis: “I give you 4 types of food, I need you to make me cheat.” And the artist, Esaad Younes, complained about the doctor responsible for her diet.

Sabreen cooked liver and feathers with oranges and rice with onions, and presented Younes with a “salad tray” with mayonnaise, potatoes, boiled eggs, carrots and onions.

And the artist, Esaad Younes, expressed her admiration for the artist Sabreen’s cooking and joking with her, saying: “I said it before that, to Wafa Amer, and I want to tell you… Marry me, Sabreen,” while the latter burst out laughing.

The artist Sabreen said that she does not eat when she cooks with her hands, while the artist, Esaad Younes, praised her cooking, saying: “Meat is heresy, rice with liver, and gizzards are not a solution.”

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