Marriage at first sight 2021, Sergio and Jessica speak: “Our new life together”

We kind of hoped it would go like this and, fortunately, the final decision did not disappoint our expectations: Sergio Capozzi and Jessica Gregorio they are officially the second couple, after Francesco Muzzi and Martina Pedaletti, to have survived the experiment of Marriage at first sight, the cult program of Real Time that, over the years, has witnessed the breakup of all the marriages arranged by the experts except for the last two editions that aired in 2021. Although at the beginning Sergio and Jessica seemed close to breaking up, their harmony was built slowly, brick by brick. Having overcome the stumbling block of the honeymoon and the first (very heated) comparisons between a fried fish on the table and a cutlet bought from the rotisserie and passed off as fresh homemade breading, the couple learned to listen to each other and, above all, to tear down those walls which for Manuel and Dalila and Davide and Martina have become increasingly high and insurmountable.

Jessica e Sergio in Marriage at first sight 2021

Lorenzo Genna

Today, several months after the end of the program, Sergio and Jessica live together in Milan, and answer our questions with an open heart and sincere sincerity, elegantly preferring not to comment on the path of the other two couples this year because if there is one thing that Marriage at first sight taught us is that every path has its own evolution and it is almost impossible to judge it without really knowing what the protagonists felt next to each other, with the cameras always aimed and the anxiety that the relationship would be wrecked from one moment to the next. ‘other.

You are officially the second pair of Marriage at first sight to get out of the experiment unscathed: a little pressure?
Sergio: “Absolutely no. The only yardstick is my happiness and the well-being of our relationship. I don’t personally feel any responsibility towards the experiment and the public ».
Jessica: “Honestly, I forgot I was an experiment couple the day the cameras went out. I will always be grateful to this transmission, but the only responsibility I feel is towards myself ».

During the episode Then you explained that finding yourself overnight without cameras in the house made you feel almost lost: hot reactions to that new everyday life?
S: “Our relationship was born surrounded by cameras, authors and experts. The transition from experiment to everyday life was delicate, we find ourselves asking ourselves many questions in search of a new personal balance first and then as a couple ».
J: “Going from being a single girl who had lived alone for years and jealously guarded her nest to sharing space and time with someone she met a month earlier was not easy. I still needed to choose and feel chosen, I wanted the need to share everything with him to burst into me, I wasn’t ready to passively accept the situation, but I wanted it to be the result of a natural process ».

During the episode of the confrontation, you tried to help the other couples in obvious difficulty: what is your opinion of the path of Dalila and Manuel and of Martina and Davide? What did they do wrong, in your opinion?
S: «Judging their mistakes would not be fair and respectful. Only the protagonists can judge their path, the important thing is to question themselves and learn something from this experience ».
J: «I think that especially those who participated in this experiment should always keep in mind how useless it is to comment and criticize the behavior of the participants. It is such a strong and particular experience that it creates totally different reactions in everyone. If everyone was really themselves, then no one really did anything wrong for me. “

Are you still in contact with them? Will you meet again?
S: “I have no relationship with brides, and the spouses live too far from Milan, we hear from each other sporadically.”
J: “I only heard the girls after the broadcast and we strengthened each other to endure the many criticisms, often inappropriate, heavy and offensive, but we have no plans to see each other again.”



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