Marracash pinched at Elodie’s house, it’s love again

The two artists fell in love on the set of the “Maragarita” video in 2019 and said goodbye in October on another set, that of “Crazy Love”, in which they metaphorically killed each other.

“I can’t think of him and me parents – he had told Grazia – There could be no room for a child, he would have come into the world from a crazy vital drive, but you know how many problems he would have had. Right now I just need to being alone with myself. And anyway what does it mean that I am ‘your’ girlfriend, what does it mean that this is ‘my’ ex? I hate the rules imposed by the couple and even in this Fabio is like me. ‘comes the question of fidelity, if I feel free, I can give you everything, perhaps even too much “.

Then Elodie had been photographed several times alongside Rossi. Between kisses and smiles. But now it’s time to get serious and she’s trying again with Marracash. Will it be the right time?




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