Marlene favela evokes the divas of Mexican cinema in vibrant Red dress and makes it clear that she is not only a star but one of the most beautiful Mexican actresses today.

Originally from the beautiful state of Durango, specifically from Santiago Papasquiaro, Marlene favela has managed to reach the top of international success. TV soaps What Ruby, Against all odds, wild cat and The fox, the sword and the roseThey have given her international fame but she is faithful to her Mexican roots.

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After the great success of the telenovela “The soulless”, Marlene Favela takes advantage of a break from the television forums to dedicate herself to another facet that has her in love, that of a businesswoman, thus she has formed a team with great friends such as the renowned makeup artist Javier de la Rosa, responsible for the style that has stolen glances.

Wrapped in an elegant shiny red dress, Marlene favela evoked the divas of Mexican cinema with exquisite makeup in classic colors, lipstick and wavy hair worthy of the golden age.

Accompanied by his big smile, Marlene favela She surprised with her poise and elegance, something that has become a personal hallmark for her and for her clothing line, with which she has managed to empower her followers through her beauty.

Marlene Favela, an example to follow

In a recent interview, Marlene favela she kept her mouth shut by expressing herself with respect and admiration about businessman George Seely, with whom she shared three years of her life and had a lovely daughter.

Marlene He stressed that he would always take care of and defend the Australian businessman for being the father of his daughter and pointed out that the girl was the priority of both her and his, so he will always respect her, although he did not close himself to love.

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Although Marlene favela She has remained faithful to not talking about her former partner, as she said when she confirmed her divorce, her followers dream of seeing her in love again, something to which she has not closed herself, but admits that now is not the time because the priority it’s her daughter and her job.

A) Yes, Marlene favela has given a chair of maturity to single, separated and divorced mothers who seek to move their family forward while maintaining respect for the other. The actress is sweeping her lipstick line and has promised that she will soon unveil new products.


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