Verstappen’s five-position penalty for the Qatar GP grid left enormous discontent in Red BullThis was due both to the nature of the punishment, which occurred despite the fact that there were no yellow lights on the track panels or on the pilot’s steering wheel, and also because of how late he arrived, less than two hours before departure.

The paddock was abuzz with information on Sunday in the run-up to the Qatar GP, and the mobiles of journalists and teams updated the screen again and again awaiting the decision of the stewards.

When it was known that Verstappen I had to come out seventh, in DAZN they asked the Red Bull motorsports advisor, Helmut Marko, which in itself is already a person who speaks openly or fear of taking anyone ahead.

And, hot after a decision that was incomprehensible to them, he was not cut off.

When asked if he considered the sanction fair, he replied: “No, it is ridiculous. You know that the FIA ​​cannot organize a proper classification system and they are trying to hide their incompetence by carrying it on the driver’s shoulders. Incredible.”

Horner was even investigated

Max Verstappen started the third to last race of the year from the fourth row of the grid after being second in qualifying on Saturday, as he was penalized for not slowing down enough in an area where there was a double yellow flag that appeared after Pierre Gasly suffered damage to his car and a puncture to the tire at the end of Q3.

The Dutchman was summoned on Saturday to appear before the stewards in a meeting that took place the Sunday before the race and after a few hours of deliberation, the penalty was announced.

Red Bull he tried to argue that the FIA ​​had caused confusion in the electronic alert system, which in fact happened, and in fact the stewards in their bulletin showed “some sympathy” with the arguments.

But in the document they cited articles of the sports regulations that say that the flags used by the track marshals have the same weight as the electronic alerts and that, since Verstappen was solely responsible for how the car was driven, according to the regulations, he also had the Obligation to see the flags and slow down.

The FIA ​​has come under several criticisms throughout the year for the inconsistency of the stewards’ decisions and actions taken, as was the case at the Belgian Grand Prix.

In the end, Hamilton took home the Qatar Grand Prix victory on Sunday to reduce the points difference to just eight heading into the final two rounds of the season.

See how the championships and the ‘match ball’ of the following race are:

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