Marketplaces and cross-posting apps, the new trend for online sellers

In the last few years the world has seen a great change in the way products and services are acquired by customers. The main reason for this change is the migration of companies and small businesses to the virtual world. The development of e-commerce platforms and new features on social media, represent the possibility to increase the reach of our business and the opportunity to show  products and services to a new base of customers.

On the other hand, buyers also benefit from this new trend, online platforms offer to the users a comfortable way to find the products, and an easier way to compare prices.

Lately social media platforms are adding new features that allow users to sell and buy products, one example of this is the Facebook Marketplace.

There are many examples and a variety of choices for all kinds of clients. A quick search on the internet could throw hundreds of options.

Are you a Beginner?

If you are new to the social network, or you are not an experienced seller, there are a few guidelines to improve your marketing strategy when it comes to selling on social media platforms. But first of all, what is a marketplace?

An online marketplace functions as a traditional market, the difference is that all the commercial activity is done online.

Essentially a marketplace is a digital platform, or a website that connects sellers to buyers, and offers a digital structure to support the trade.

If you are looking to sell a product you can sign in to one of these platforms and create a business account where you can list the item you want to sell.


The growth of active users on these kinds of platforms is supported by the convenience that offers to not only sellers, but also buyers, because it represents an easier way to browse through the list of products to find what they are looking for.

Online marketplaces feature some key tools such as categories, which allow the user to find its product quicker and comfortably. These tools make it easy to compare products, prices and quality.

Cross posting

One tool that sellers can find on the internet is the cross-posting app. These apps allow users to list their products in different marketplaces at once. It’s an easier way to have an active presence on social networks. Having a regular activity on social media increases the popularity of your account, users value receiving updates, and this favors potential engagement with our posts.

The cross-posting apps are a useful resource to sellers, these apps help sellers to manage their time more efficiently, with this tool the users don’t need to post the same item on each platform manually. With cross posting the sellers could use the same content and publish it on many platforms. This is an effective way to keep your accounts active, retaining the attention of your audience and providing a larger reach to new customer bases.



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