After the losses at the end of the week, the equity futures market signals a slight recovery in Wall Street on Monday. The US stock exchanges had their weakest week in around three months – burdened by economic, corona and inflation worries. Basically nothing has changed in this point of view, it says in the trade – also with a view to the US consumer price development, which will be published on Tuesday. A growing number see increasing risks for the stock market.

Some support for the US stock exchanges comes from politics at the beginning of the week. MPs continue to work their way through the $ 3.5 trillion health, education, and climate investment program. “I think the bulls have a little more ammunition than the bears: the fiscal support remains in place, the activity indicators remain strong,” says Arbuthnot Latham’s chief investment strategist Gregory Perdon as a stock market optimist. With reference to the bond market, fund manager Georgina Taylor from Invesco blows in the same horn: The current yield level signals that bond investors are expecting higher inflation rates than temporary. “There is not enough inflationary pressures to really feel a revaluation of nominal growth in the long run,” she added.

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September 13, 2021 06:21 ET (10:21 GMT)


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