Market leadership for “Love Island” during the broadcast in the young target group (14-29 years) on RTLZWEI

The most blatant mating ceremony and comeback of Jana Ina Zarrella (PHOTO)

Munich (ots)

  • Convincing late prime for “Love Island” with 7.3% MA (14-49 y.)
  • Particularly popular with young viewers with 18.1% MA (14-29 years)
  • RTLZWEI daily market share: 5.2%

Buon Schlonzo! At Late Prime last Wednesday evening, Love Island again achieved strong values. “Love Island” reached 7.3% MA in the advertising-relevant target group of 14-49 year olds and 18.1% in the young audience of 14-29 year olds from 10:15 pm. Up to 800,000 spectators watched the love-hungry Icelandic flirting and were able to experience one of the most nerve-wracking mating ceremonies of all.

The comeback of presenter Jana Ina Zarrella could also be followed on day 15 on “Love Island”. The format is produced by ITV Studios Germany.

Overall, RTLZWEI achieved a daily market share of 5.2%.

Data © AGF in cooperation with GfK; VideoScope, Market Standard TV, September 16, 2019, preliminary weighted. Unless otherwise stated, data refer to 14 to 49 year olds

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