In June 2020, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, would have clearly expressed his intention to fire employees who “intimidate” their colleagues, reports Buzzfeed News. This threat would be the direct consequence ofa particularly tense climate within the offices of the social media giant suite protests from a number of employees against the company’s content moderation policy.

A tense climate at Facebook

On May 28, 2020, in response to the riots linked to the death of George Floyd, Donald Trump threatened on Facebook and Twitter : “When the looting begins, the shooting”. The firm with the blue bird reacted quickly by affixing the tag “glorification of violence”Under this tweet. For its part, Facebook took a very different position by leaving the post as it is. A controversial decision to which Mark Zuckerberg responded by claiming that the policy of his company does allow discussion around the use of force by the state. Even more, the CEO of Facebook estimated that Americans need to know if the government plans to deploy the force.

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Explanations that were not enough to convince various American associations defending civil rights in the United States, which launched the Stop Hate for Profit movement calling on companies not to broadcast ads on social networks for a month. For their part, some Facebook employees also protested against this controversial moderation policy by organizing a virtual demonstration. Since, relations between employees of the social media giant would be particularly strained : while some take a stand for the firm, others are indignant. The debates would then be heated.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to put his ranks in order

It was during a question-and-answer session that took place internally at Facebook on June 11, 2020, that Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly expressed his concerns about this situation : “I was very worried about the level of disrespect that many people internally point towards each other in the context of these debates (note: around Facebook’s moderation policy) ”. Later, the CEO of Facebook allegedly threatened: “If you are intimidating your coworkers into taking a stand on something, then we will fire you. A warning quickly executed since” as a result of this internal meeting, at least one employee was fired and let it be known on Twitter:

“Today was my last day at Facebook. For the sake of transparency, I was fired for exposing an employee’s inaction on Twitter. I stand by what I said. They didn’t give me the chance to resign ”.