Mark Gillis threw in tonight Mass is Cash Register: Family Gillis all his charms in battle… But if this is his way of flirting, the viewers will immediately understand why he is still single!

Mark Gillis in Massa is Kassa

Work hard, play hard, it could be the motto of Mark Gillis. To forget the work at the holiday parks, the Mass is Cash Register: Family Gillisstar planned a day off. He invites his friends over for dinner (read: snacking from the hot air fryer) and to dance at a festival. In this group of friends we also see three ladies.

‘I’m still looking for a cleaning lady’

Mark clearly seems charmed by one of the ladies. His tactics to court her? Mark returns to an ancient tactic: teasing girls, asking for kisses. “You’ve done that before, I can see that”, he says, for example, when the lady in question is so neat as to clean the table. “I’m still looking for a cleaning lady. One with a short skirt. Should be shorter than what you’re wearing today.

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Viewers now understand a lot better why Mark is still single…

A look back at previous broadcasts of Family Gillis: Mass is Cashier? Last week, Peter left viewers speechless with this ‘culinary tour de force’. And earlier there was this fragment in which the holiday park owner was quite ‘arrogant’…

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