The actress published the controversial words after her ex’s comments

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In the last days,

Matías, son of Marjorie de Sousa and Julián Gil

, has attracted attention because of how great it looked in the Christening of Marlene Favela’s daughter; However, now the actress monopolized the headlines for the message she shared on social networks and that according to users and the media It is a hint to her ex-partner and his sister.

And is that the star of the soap opera ‘La Desalmada’ He replied in his official Instagram account an image in which he launched a forceful message that left more than one user with their mouths open.

“The past stops weighing when you stop inhabiting it,” said the

ex-beauty queen

, who, although he did not highlight what he was referring to or if it was directed at a specific person, did cause that in both users of social networks and media such as People in Spanish they will hint that it could be for Julián Gil and his sister Patricia Ramosco.


This alleged message became relevant after the

actor of ‘What’s wrong with my family?’ He commented a few days ago that it hurt him to see a lot how much your child has grown in these years, in which she has not been able to be with him.

“It breaks my soul to see these images and to know that we miss the best moments between a father and a son… Here I will be, son, waiting for our moment“, he pointed

Julian Gil

in a video of Suelta La Sopa; but he was not the only one who reacted to Recent images of Matías at the christening of Marlene Favela’s daughter.

The actor’s sister, Patricia Ramosco, highlighted the sadness he feels to see Julián Gil away from the minor. “God free the child from all the suffering and traumas that thanks to the mother will have, because he will not always be four years old … And one day he will understand,” he said.