Just become director of the Women’s Tour de France, Marion Rousse expressed her regret on Instagram.

Marion Rousse took the lead this weekend. The one who officiates as a consultant at the microphone of France Televisions and shares the life of Julian Alaphilippe, with whom she had, in June a first child baptized Nino, has indeed become the director of the Tour de France with Zwift, whose first edition will take place from July 24 to 31, 2022.

The former champion of France, crowned at only 20 years old in 2012, was obviously delighted with this promotion. Her appointment was also an opportunity for the Northerner to express regret. ” When I was a little girl, it was impossible for me to dream one day, participate in the Tour de France, but ladies, this dream is finally possible for you ”, she wrote on her Instagram account in the caption of a picture where she appears very small with a cup in her hand.

The one who perpetuated the family tradition by becoming a professional cyclist only raced for five years in the pelotons between 2011 and 2015. A period when the women’s Tour de France was no longer entitled to citizenship. Launched in 1984, the women’s Grande Boucle stopped in 2009 without ever having succeeded in being the benchmark race. This is the ambition displayed by the organizers. But also by Marion Rousse. ” Women’s cycling has evolved a lot in recent years, in part thanks to ASO, but it lacked a benchmark stage race with real media resonance. Now that I have accepted this mission, I intend to invest myself so that it enters the hearts of the public and for a long time, because it is not a question of launching for two or three editions », She confided.

Launched in 1984, the Women’s Tour de France disappeared in 1990 to become the Women’s EEC Tour which ran until 1993. At the same time, the Women’s Cycling Tour was launched in 1992 which would become the Grande Boucle. international female in 1999. And if it lasted for a long time over two weeks, this Grande Boucle had no big name but the name, since it took place since 2005 over five days.

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