Marine element shoots two of his companions to death

The Secretary of the Navy reported that one of his elements shot at two of his companions and a civilian woman, at dawn on June 19.

According to the authorities, the events occurred at the facilities of the Advanced Naval Station (ENA) in
Mulege, Baja California Sur. The three people attacked lost their lives.

Through a statement, the agency assured that it is an isolated incident perpetrated by a bad public servant.

“It is important to mention that the actions of the aforementioned person is an isolated act committed by a bad public servant, and is contrary to the conduct that is instilled in the elements of this institution.”

The authorities have not disclosed the reasons why his element fired; however, the corresponding investigations are already being carried out.

“The corresponding legal actions are being taken in order to collaborate at all times with the competent authorities to clarify the facts.”

Marina in the magnifying glass

This is the second scandal surrounding the institution so far this month, since just on June 19, the Secretary of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda, acknowledged that members of the institution had stolen uniforms to sell them to organized crime groups.

“It has happened to us two or three times within our institution. We have detected elements that are taken from our lockers, especially uniforms, and sold to organized crime, but fortunately our counterintelligence has detected them,” said the secretary.



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