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Marieke Elsinga returned to work at Qmusic on Monday morning. The radio DJ started her first day at work after a break of a few weeks, slightly tense.

“It just feels like the first day after a long high school summer holiday,” Elsinga told her colleague Mattie Valk just after the start of the program. “I’m super excited, but you don’t sleep well that first night because you’re so nervous that you see all your friends again.”

Elsinga temporarily stopped her work in April to take it easy. She also temporarily stopped presenting RTL Boulevard† Through an audio message she informed the listeners of Mattie & Marieke know how to take it easy.

“I often get the question: how do you keep up with that? That you make radio and television,” she said at the time. “My answer is always: I just think it’s the best thing to do. It gives me a lot of energy. But lately I notice that it costs me energy. And that’s why I decided to step on the brake for a while. “

Lately there have been rumors that Elsinga had temporarily stopped because she would participate in the new season of Who is the mole?, but she immediately debunked those stories on Monday morning. “I would find that very intense. If you use mental health to participate in something like Who is the mole? of Expedition Robinson or whatever. That is very stupid and also really bad”, she said firmly. “Dear people: I was just really ready for a break, for my face. I had worked too hard for too long.”

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