Marieke Elsinga back to work soon after radio break

Marieke Elsinga decided to stop her work earlier this month. ‘I get a lot of energy from my work. Doing different things at the same time,” Marieke writes on Instagram. ‘But lately I notice that it costs me energy. That’s why I step on the brakes and I can’t be heard on Qmusic in the morning. Because I want to be careful with myself.’ The radio DJ also tells what is planned for the coming period. “I’m just going to sleep in, mooch around and do fun things.”

Well, that fiddling will soon come to an end. On the website of producer Blue Circle we find a call for candidates for a new RTL 4 program. The program is called Wrong but Gold and is presented by Chantal Janzen. Marieke will fulfill the role as team captain together with Gerard Joling. The recordings will start from May 17th.

You will be treated to an afternoon and evening full of nostalgia and guilty pleasures† things that we know are a tad ‘wrong’, but which we all secretly love’, reads the website. Marieke and Gerard form a team with a secret person. ‘To top it off, every team has a disguised mystery guest along; a nostalgic hero that we all know from the past. It’s up to the teams to find out the true identity of this mystery guest.’

RTL Boulevard contacted Marieke and she let her know through her management that she is looking forward to recording the TV program. It’s true that Marieke will soon have recordings for Wrong but Gold† The decision has always been to suspend her radio activities for a while. Until now, nothing was planned for TV recordings. Marieke is really looking forward to it and can’t wait to get started,” writes her manager. She is also doing well and enjoying her free time. And if you want to know when she can be heard on the radio again, you should keep listening to Qmusic.’



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