Marie Kondo's infallible method to save money step by step

Marie Kondo's infallible method to save money step by step

The Japanese tidiness guru became famous for her KonMari method, with which he encouraged to achieve a certain discipline and order at home. Although, this method with which we learned to organize the closet, the kitchen or the travel suitcase among many other elements of the home, has transcended beyond the tangible order to land in the financial order. With this, the author of ‘The magic of order’ intends facilitate savings so that in the event of any unforeseen eventwhether it is changing jobs, or separating from a person, does not imply an economic difficulty at the same time.

Courtesy of Marie Kondo’s Instagram (@mariekondo).

As we mentioned, Marie Kondo aims to encourage savings and this is achieved with the four simple steps that we present below. Let’s see.

The four steps to save money according to Marie Kondo

1- Review the expenses that you already have monthly

For Marie Kondo, it is advisable to make a evaluation of monthly expenses, that is, to analyze in more detail what we spend our money on month by month. With this we can make a x-ray of our demands as consumers and expenses. With this we should capture what expenses are unnecessary or we no longer use it. With special emphasis on subscriptions, whether gym, streaming platforms, organizations, etc., which can go unnoticed as another expense in our account if we have made the transaction for a long time.

2- Buy with conscience

Before buying, think about whether you really need that item or service for which you are going to pay. In this way, everything we obtain will be a selection of what we really value and what we will give a useful life. This, over time, could mean significant savings, since, by betting on a long-term investment, the durability will be greater, at the same time that we avoid foolish and incensary expenses. Similarly, we will be contributing to a more sustainable world.

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3-Financial organization

Just as Kondo takes expenses into account in the first step, now is the time to also control income. With this, the teacher of order proposes that you do a monthly balance of expenses and income. To notify yourself, what is the approximate savings you get each month and what are the expenses. Excel or Google Sheets can be really useful tools for this task from which we get a more global analysis of our finances. That is, with the ultimate goal of planning in advance how we will deposit our expenses and savings between a price range or percentage, and thereby avoid impulses in unnecessary purchases by reinforcing step 2.

4- Consolida tus finanzas

Reduce the number of credit cards . If you have several retirement, savings, credit card or other accounts, it is recommended that you compile a list of these accounts. Consolidate these accounts when possible, use balance transfers to reduce the balance on high-interest credit cards, but don’t close the account. This will allow you to focus on fewer accounts and more easily manage your money, since it is in fewer deposits.

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