Marie Amière: “My hair loss was a wake-up call!” (PHOTO)

Hamburg (ots) In the current GALA (issue 29/2021, in stores tomorrow), model Marie Amière, 44, speaks for the first time about the metabolic disease she suffers from. Her hair has been falling out since the end of 2018 – an autoimmune reaction triggered by stress. “It was exhausting to hide it because I didn’t want anyone to notice it during photo shoots,” says Amière of the early days.

Today she makes wigs herself and encourages other affected people: “If I can help just one woman to feel less shame and emotional pain, that is reward enough for me. I have seen how hair loss gnaws at the soul.”

Her hair is now growing back, albeit irregularly – and Marie Amière has made her peace with the disease: “The hair loss was a wake-up call. I am very grateful to him for that. I love my job and will continue to do it do – but in the future with a little more calm and meaningfulness. “

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