Mariana Rodríguez makes fun of how Samuel García speaks English

Samuel García tried to show his command of the English language, however, he only managed to provoke the laughter of his wife Mariana Rodríguez.

Mexico City, June 28 (However) .- Samuel Garcia Sepúlveda, Governor-elect of Nuevo León, starred in another funny moment at speak in English, prompting laughter from the influence Mariana Rodríguez Cantú.

Shortly after taking office, Samuel García is fulfilling commitments to attract investment and carry out his projects, for which he commented on his trip to Washington, USA, where he will have a series of meetings to address issues such as economic reactivation; He will also visit research centers and chambers of commerce.

“On the way to Washington DC, where I will hold a series of meetings with congressmen and officials to address important issues such as the economic recovery. In addition, I will be visiting research centers and chambers of commerce, “he said on his Twitter account.

So in a series of stories shared on his Instagram account, Samuel García tried to speak in English, however, could his pronunciation compare to that of former president Enrique Peña Nieto?

“We are going to talk about the future, about renewable energies, trade, security, reactivation, new projects, new trains … You will see, remember me, that there are going to be six great years of strength for all and all in Nuevo León and, obviously, for Mexico ”, he commented in said video.

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Then he began with the pronunciation in English to tell that the meetings would be held in that language.

“Yes, indeed, of course… The visit it´s gonna be in english, in british accent, which is better than yours”, comentó.

Mariana Rodríguez was listening to him and she couldn’t help but laugh. Later, when she finished listening to him, she mentioned, laughing, “it happens”.

He replied in English that it was not funny, and she replied “Yes, it is. It´s hilarious ”.


Previously, Samuel García assured that he will not abandon his position as head of the state Executive, until the six-year term has been fulfilled.

“Make no mistake, they will have a six-year Governor, ambitions and temptations will not win. I am going to dedicate the best of my life, of my time, in Nuevo León. I am going to allocate all the capacity of my team, to be able to deliver, at my 39 years old, a new Nuevo León, a Nuevo León that managed to achieve catharsis and that managed to get rid of the old politics ”, he assured today when he received the proof that proves it as the winner of the last state elections.

The emecista added that his state will be a national and international reference, and that everyone will turn to see what is done in the state.

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Samuel García defeated PRI Adrián de la Garza in the election. The advantage was by more than 8 percentage points.




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