The first store was opened by Mariana and her brother Octavio in 2010 and, in 2012, Érika joined as a partner. However, according to Ochoa, because Zaba is so busy developing her own clothing line, Hi Darling, she decided to leave society.

“La Güera, now that Hi Darling has opened, began to feel a little stressed, too stressed and the time to Peli Costumes where, to be honest, we have always put it all the time, sometimes we didn’t even sleep … we set up tents, some talachas … ”.

Due to the high sales season approaching, Érika decided to announce her departure from the project: “This time I told Mariana ‘I’m going to jump off a bridge if this October I have to help with costumes’ because I feel frustrated with not being able to help as I wanted because I’m with Hi Darling at the top ”, explained Zaba.

That was why they both agreed that it was best to continue on separate paths. “With Hi Darling, with Emiliano, it is that with a baby things change, I told him: ‘Güera, don’t worry, there are cycles for everything, right now Hi Darling needs all your attention, nothing happens, first of all we are friends ( …) I do miss you, ”explained Ochoa. “Right now, La Güera only stayed with Hi Darling, she preferred to go out, for now, from Movie Costumes,” he added.


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