Mariana Fabbiani’s dream vacation in New York

In keeping with this time of year, which many book in their agenda away from their homes to cut the pace of obligations, Mariana Fabbiani designed a glamorous getaway, full of stimuli of all kinds and traveled to the United States, with his daughter Matilda and her family, to one of the most famous cities in that country: New York.

Probably motorized to enjoy a few days with her little twelve year old, the driver diagrammed this journey through the city of skyscrapers, that famous city, which is visited by millions of tourists daily.

With emotions running high, that feeling of adrenaline bubbling in their guts, Mariana and Matilda walk the streets of the Big Apple, not to miss any of its attractions.

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In this sense, Fabbiani shared with his millions of followers some postcards of these dream vacations, through his Instagram account. As a first measure, the lace uploaded a photo from inside the plane, which depicts a sky and a wing, along with the phrase: “Arriving”.

Then he threw himself into the task of capturing scenarios with his cell phone and, for example, he took some snapshots of the skyscrapers, those kilometer-long and generally modern buildings that distinguish the American city so much, and that arouse admiration in visitors.

It is obvious that a space of his time in the Big Apple was used to walk inside Central Park, that endless park, of astral dimensions, which usually appears in movies. Thus, Mariana posted some images from that unmistakable green space.

With the reigning summer in the northern hemisphere, Fabbiani also stopped on the shores of a lake and posed for the lens, with the aim of creating a beautiful postcard (contemplating the horizon, with a very cool outfit and above all light to alleviate the temperatures).

And to make it clear that her adventure partner is Matilda, the former driver of eltrece pointed to a window and in the reflection she and her daughter are clearly perceived with a gesture of happiness, obviously because of everything they experience in New York .


Mariana Fabbiani in New York.

Mariana Fabbiani in New York.



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