Maria Mironova showed a photo of an adult son

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Maria Mironova showed fans a photo of her matured son Andrei.

“29 years ago I gave birth to this guy! Happy Birthday, my eldest love ”, – Maria shared on Instagram.

Actress Alika Smekhova, in response to this, expressed surprise that so many years have passed since she remembers Maria while still pregnant. “A wonderful continuation of the great dynasty,” added Smekhova.

Maria’s followers, in turn, noticed a strong similarity between the son of the star and his grandfather, actor Andrei Mironov.

“Very similar to your dad”, “Handsome, similar to his famous grandfather A. Mironov”, “Handsome, like his mother and grandfather”, “Maria, you should give birth and give birth. You make such guys gorgeous, ”the followers wrote.

The parents of Maria Mironova are the famous Soviet actors Andrei Mironov and Ekaterina Gradova. The actress was married four times, she has two children: the eldest son Andrei from her first husband and the youngest Fedor from her last marriage.