“María Eugenia Vidal escaped from the province of Buenos Aires”

The executive director of ARBA, Cristian Girard, considered that the former governor María Eugenia Vidal “escaped from the province of Buenos Aires to be a candidate in the Capital”, which shows that “when Peronism governs things are better than when they do “.

In addition, he was confident in the recovery of the economy and predicted that “the choice will be made in terms of which country we want to have.” In this regard, he said that the electorate will take into account “with which government one lives better, with whom people are happiest, with whom they are encouraged to project forward, with whom they can think about going on a trip, changing the car or living in A bigger house”.

“You have to tell people what is at stake in this election: the neoliberal project of (former President Mauricio) Macri or reconstruction,” he said.

Cristian Girard

Girard assured that “the Frente de Todos is very well, despite the fact that their great commitment (for Together for Change) was for many years to divide the national and popular field, fragmentation that allowed them to win the election in 2015.”

“For this reason, when Cristina (Kirchner) reappears, it generates a shock in politics, because it brings the discussions that must be had. Our agenda is that of the people, not that of the media and foreign interests,” he said.


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