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Last night, the authorities contacted both members of the United States Embassy in Bogotá and directors of the University of Los Andes to notify them of a capture in the midst of the excesses and disturbances that took place in the capital.

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EL TIEMPO was able to establish that they were being notified that one of the three women captured throwing blunt elements against the Police is a student of that prestigious university and a US citizen.

Anibal Fernández de Soto, Secretary of Security.


Ministry of Interior

This newspaper investigated and established that she was identified as María Elizabeth Giulanalli, who has entered Colombia as a student for several years. His family is from California, but he lives in Golden, Colorado.

The young woman, 22 years old, who was recorded on security videos participating in the protests, spent the night at the Puente Aranda URI.

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There are the images that he was in the group that confronted the Police and that he threw forceful elements at them“, the Secretary of Security of Bogotá, Aníbal Fernández de Soto, told EL TIEMPO.

And he added that the fate of the young woman must be defined by the competent authorities (Prosecutor’s Office and Police) and Migration Colombia.

Protests on Calle 26

Protesters clashed with Esmad near the National University.


Cesar Melgarejo. TIME

What awaits you?

There are the images that he was in the group that confronted the Police and that threw forceful elements at them: Aníbal Fernández de Soto, Secretary of Security of Bogotá.

This newspaper established that the deportation or expulsion of the student will only be evaluated if it is not processed in Colombia and They set her free, and after a report supported by the National Police on the possible participation in excesses or attacks on the public force.

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The United States consulate in Colombia is already attending to the case.

The other detainees were identified as Marcela Alvarado Londoño, of legal age; María Camila León, 19 years old; and Edison Andrés Flórez Buitrago.

Other cases

Sergei Vagin

Sergei Vagin, did not accept charges. This Monday the imputation hearing continues.

Just a month ago EL TIEMPO exclusively revealed photos and videos of the participation of the Russian citizen Sergei Vagin in the demonstrations of years ago that also ended in excesses in Bogotá.

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The Russian was captured for the crimes of aggravated non-consensual transfer of assets, abusive access to a computer system and aggravated conspiracy to commit a crimebut there is evidence that he recruited Venezuelans and young Colombians to move juicy sums between Moscow, Bogotá and Medellín.

Last year, Migration Colombia also expelled a German citizen, Rebeca Linda SprÖsserwho was also recorded participating in the protests.

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