María Celeste Arrarás confesses that her ex-partner changed her for another woman just on Christmas day

A few days before the end of the year 2021, Maria Celeste Arrarás decided to confess a terrible testimony about why he does not like to celebrate the holidays. Contrary to what is seen on social networks, not all people have beautiful stories about Christmas and the end of the year party, because some have had to live sad experiences just during these festivities.

In his column “That’s how I see it… Reflections by María Celeste“, The presenter of Cnn in SpanishShe confessed that her ex-partner and the father of her children left her on December 24 to go with another woman.

According to the story, he returned on December 31, but not to repent and apologize for what happened, but to pick up his underpants and return to the other woman who was waiting for him.

I could tell you as an excuse that that last day of the year reminds me of when the father of my children left me in the middle of Christmas for another woman and returned home on December 31st. Well, actually I thought I was coming back regretful when I saw him walk in the door but he soon made it clear that he had only come in passing to look for underpants because that night I was going to party with her”, Wrote the journalist.

A bitter date

For her, this was one of the most difficult dates of her life, but fortunately she had the company of her children, with whom she cuddled up in her bed while the rest of the world celebrated the new year.

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It was a farewell to the black year, but I found comfort putting my three children in my bed, who by then were all wearing diapers … and even my dogs ended up cuddling with us! I turned off the lights and my room was only lit by the TV screen. So I saw the Times Square ball drop”, he reports.

This bad experience added to her already lack of appetite to celebrate the end of the year, because according to what she herself assures, this day generates a lot of melancholy.

I, who consider myself the most optimistic of optimists, that day I only think about the past, about the dear people who are no longer with us, about loves that could not be, in times that were and are no longer”Said the Puerto Rican.

But not everything is disappointment for her, since on January 1 she assures that she celebrates it with the right foot as her grandmother Teté taught her. “Every first of January I get up early at the foot of the canyon and run out to put on any yellow garment. My late grandmother Teté used to say that yellow is the color to attract good luck in the year that begins. And that beginning I do celebrate in style!”, He commented.



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