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The reading of the verdict that condemns Teruel. Photo: Cornu Engue.

Marcos Lautaro Teruel, son of Los Nocheros musician Mario Teruel, was sentenced this Monday by a court in Salta to the penalty of 12 years in prison for the crime of aggravated sexual abuse to the detriment of two victims, while two co-defendants in the case, Silvio Ezequiel Rodrguez and Gonzalo Isaac Farfn, were acquitted for the benefit of the doubt.

The president of Chamber III of the Salta Trial Court, Carolina Sanguedolce, was in charge of reading the verdict that sentenced Teruel to “the penalty of 12 years of effective imprisonment.”

The court considered it “Perpetrator materially and criminally responsible for the crimes of seriously outrageous sexual abuse due to the circumstances of its performance, reiterated, in a real contest for four events, in an ideal contest with corruption of minors aggravated by the fact that it is a minor under 13 years of age and for mediating deception, in a real contest with sexual abuse with carnal access ”, by the two accumulated causes for which he came to this judgment.

Marcos Teruel was sentenced

In addition, the judges granted the request of the Prosecutor and the complaint to “revoke the modality of home imprisonment that the now sentenced person had been serving,” and ordered “his immediate transfer and accommodation in the local penitentiary jail”, which occurred as soon as it was concluded. Today’s hearing, at the same time, rejected the arguments of the defense of Teruel, of “incompetence and nullity.”

Secondly, Sanguedolce announced that the court decided the acquittal of Rodríguez and Farfn for “the benefit of the doubt.” and ordered “the immediate release” of both, while recommending to the authorities of the provincial Penitentiary Service that they provide psychotherapeutic treatment to Teruel.

Finally, they set a hearing for the fifth business day to read the grounds that, with the verdict released today, make up the sentence.

Esther means, Teruel took advantage of his last words to apologize, while the other defendants insisted on their innocence.

“I just want to apologize” to the victim who was a minor at the time of the events, “to his family”, and “tell him that whatever the result of this, I will continue working to repair what needs to be repaired and start living again,” said Teruel.

The defendant made these statements before the closing of the oral and public debate that has been taking place since September 27 in the Hall of Great Trials, in the building of the Judicial Power of Salta.

The debate hearing was closed this morning by Sanguedolce and his peers Mara Gabriela Gonzlez and Pablo Farah, after the criminal prosecutor Federico Obeid and the complaints desisted from the use of the replies.

Teruel was accused in a first case of sexual abuse with carnal access aggravated by the serious damage to the victim’s health, in an ideal contest with continued aggravated obscene exhibitions, in an ideal contest with corruption doubly aggravated by being a minor of 13 years and due to deception, after the complaint of the mother of the victim, who assured that the events occurred when she was between 10 and 13 years old.

In the second cause, Teruel was charged with sexual abuse with aggravated carnal access for being committed by two or more people, co-authored with Rodríguez and Farfn.

Photo: Cornu Engue.

Photo: Cornu Engue.

During the allegations, Obeid required before Chamber III of the Trial Court the penalty of 17 years of effective imprisonment for Teruel, for both accumulated causes, and 8 years of imprisonment for each of his co-defendants.

For Teruel, each of the complaints requested the penalty of 15 years of effective imprisonment, while the complaint of the second case also requested 10 years of imprisonment for Rodrguez and Farfn.

Meanwhile, the defense of Teruel had requested that everything acted on in the first case be declared null and void, considering that, at the time of the events, the complainant was 6 or 7 years old and the defendant 16 or 17 years old. , and raised the incompetence of the trial court and the referral of the case to a Juvenile Court.

In addition, it raised its position in relation to felatio, denying that this action enables a frame in the figure of carnal access, and subsidiarily, in case the jurisdiction of the court of trial is confirmed, it held that Teruel should be sentenced for the acknowledged act of simple sexual abuse, a crime which corresponds to a sentence of three years of conditional execution.

The defender also expressed, in the event that a conviction is handed down, his opposition to the request made yesterday by the Prosecutor’s Office and the complaints to revoke the house arrest that the accused has been serving, considering that the procedural danger that he has been serving was not indicated. It will mean maintaining this modality.

In reference to the second case against Lautaro Teruel, the defense attorney requested an outright acquittal on the grounds that there was no fraud or abusive intent and, alternatively, asked the court for acquittal for the benefit of the doubt.

For its part, Rodríguez’s defense requested the absolute acquittal of his client, as in the case of Farfn, whose lawyer requested an acquittal in a subsidiary manner for the benefit of the doubt.

Today, Teruel also apologized to the other victim and her family, and assured that she would “like them to understand that I never had the intention of abusing her.”

On the other hand, he said: “I want to apologize to my family for everything I have made them suffer, and thank them for their support, especially my old woman.”

Before closing the debate, Farfn assured that he “never” undressed in front of the second victim, whom he “always considered a great friend” and “I am sure she is a good person, despite this.”

“I hope for me, and for my family, that justice is done,” concluded the accused.

Likewise, Rodrguez said that “when I sat down to testify, I had many things to say about which I did not say much, due to all the anguish that this process caused me,” and added that “many lies have been told in this debate.”

“I was always with the truth, I was always willing and always declared because I never had anything to hide,” said the defendant, who maintained that “this process was very hard for me and my family, and the only thing I want to emphasize is that I am innocent, that I did not do anything wrong, nor will I allow other people to do what I am accused of ”.

Finally, he spoke to the judges: “in your decision today is my future and that of the people who surround me and love me, so I just want to ask for justice.”

During the hearing held today, the criminal prosecutor Federico Obeid and both complaints desisted from the use of the replies, after which the three defendants made use of their last words and the court closed the debate and went on to deliberate.

In addition to prosecutor Obeid, Juan Casabella Dvalos acted as defender of Teruel; Marcos Gorriti and Elina Linares as defenders of Farfn; and Pablo del Pino defended Rodríguez, while Liza Medrano, Sebastin and Lucio Flores Giralt served as plaintiffs.

After reading the ruling, Casabella Dvalos told the press that it must listen to the grounds to “be able to file the corresponding appeal”, and considered that the verdict “partly echoes the exaggerated claims of the parties”, referring to the requests of the prosecutor and the plaintiffs for punishment.

“With good judgment, the court reduced the years in prison to 12, although the sentence still seems exaggerated,” concluded the lawyer.



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