Marcelinho Huertas speaks: objectives, care of his body, keys to the success of Lenovo Tenerife, passing through the NBA…

Marcelinho Huertas speaks: objectives, care of his body, keys to the success of Lenovo Tenerife, passing through the NBA…


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  • 01/05/2023

Marcelinho Huertas, point guard for Lenovo Tenerife, went through the microphones of Tirando a Fallar, where he analyzed his career in the Canarian team, reviewed his career and explained how he takes care of himself to continue in incredible shape on the verge of turning 40. Here you can listen to the full interviewfrom which we have selected some outstanding phrases:

«Without a heart you cannot play basketball. There are times when you need to calm your heartbeat, so you have to have a mix of head, heart… and as my friend Bogris said, balls! But in this order…”

«With Brazil… there was always a game missing. We have had great group phases but there was always a game that gave the pass to fight for medals… Is it a failure? In our head we deserved something more. We lack some peace of mind and luck »

“Hopefully we can give a surprise this year, or next year. But if not, we want to be a little closer each year and when the season ends we look back and see that we have done things well.”

«At Lenovo Tenerife I think we are good at taking advantage of the weak points of our rivals and neutralizing their strong points. All the teams try, but I think we are good at it.”

«At Lenovo Tenerife we ​​are very used to playing together and that makes things easier. We have a profile of not very physical players, but this is an intelligent team playing basketball. Tactically we played from memory »

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“The Lenovo Tenerife gave me the opportunity to demonstrate. Many people thought that I had no more, but I knew that I had a lot left. I was looking for stability with the family and I was convinced that it would turn out well.

«I came to the Lakers at a difficult time, a transition period. But I think she brought something different: when she was there, everyone touched her, it was more fun. I knew it was a business, but being able to experience Kobe’s last year was amazing.”

«The athlete has to savor the moments. In the end, your career for 20 years and maybe you win 3 titles. So you have to enjoy the trajectory. If you are only happy if you are a champion, you are going to live bitter »

«The triple against Madrid, the basket in Valencia… There are moments that remain engraved forever in one’s head… It is something memorable, it gives me goosebumps to remember these moments. Because they also finished with league titles »

“If I beat Pablo Laso in the all-time record for assists in the Endesa League, I hope it’s something natural and that one day Pablo and I will go have a drink talking about it”

«During my years with Xavi Pascual at Barça, basketball developed a lot in my head. I have been lucky with the coaches of my career to have the head that I have to play today.”

“The most important reason that I am at Lenovo Tenerife today is Txus Vidorreta”

«Many things that I do today on the field come from that time at Joventut and those individual technique sessions with Aíto García Reneses, Joan Plaza, Carles Duran or Sito Alonso. I give thanks for having arrived in Spain in La Penya»

«That my first coach in Spain was Aíto García Reneses was very important to me. To adapt and because I came from playing a basketball that was very different from what I needed here. It cost me a lot in the first years »

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«I have always taken care of myself, but it is true that until I am 30, the body does not notice when you go out one night and have a few drinks… When I returned from the NBA it was when I took extreme physical care»

«I try to take maximum care of myself: nutrition, physical preparation, injury prevention, rest, mental work such as coaching and meditation… This is invisible work that may not be seen but adds up. I am looking for tools to be at my 100%»

“Every day I get home I demand more of myself. It doesn’t matter how the previous game was. My wife sometimes scolds me for that. That is what moves me, keep looking for perfection, or keep improving every day»

Flattery weakens as you take it. If it is a way of thinking that you are the best, yes. But if it is a form of recognition with your feet on the ground, it is something that makes you hungry to improve and do more things »

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