Marcel Remus, Sylvie Meis, Michelle Hunziker & Co.: Where celebrities get advice |

Marcel Remus, Sylvie Meis, Michelle Hunziker & Co.: Where celebrities get advice |

Astrologers, gurus, fortune tellers and healers have been booming in Hollywood for years. Some celebrities even have their own personal medium for this.

When meets the successful luxury broker Marcel Remus (36) at the Raffaello Summer Day in Berlin, his companion immediately catches the eye. And even at his lifestyle night in Mallorca a few weeks later, the tall woman with the peroxide blonde hair does not leave his side. Ira Wolff is her name, she is Marcel Remus’ medium. Yes, you heard me right. This woman has spiritual abilities, at least if her words are to be believed. She describes herself as one of the most in-demand spiritual advisors in the world. Your clients: Numerous people with rank and name. In other words: celebrities.

Marcel Remus trusts fortune teller Ira Wolff

Ira claims to have noticed by the age of eight that she had a special gift. She is said to have predicted the mysterious death of her own great-aunt and provided the decisive clue to the whereabouts of the corpse over a distance of 700 kilometers. But that’s not all. In the years that followed, she predicted numerous pregnancies and further deaths. Especially due to the proximity to the then federal capital Bonn, “heaps of politicians” soon went into their hands, At least that’s what it says on their website. Today Ira would be trusted by stars such as Marcel Remus as well as decision makers from industry and business. But what exactly does she do?

That’s what Marcel Remus’ medium is all about

In addition to her work as a medium, Ira, whose actual age is unknown, helps people in their holistic recovery with the help of energy work (it is important to emphasize that this cannot replace medical treatment). But the successful entrepreneur also has telepathic partner repatriations and spiritual management consulting, as well as long-distance and spiritual healing in her repertoire. In Marcel Remu’s new VOX show “Mallorca Makler” it is her job to rid the luxury villas on offer of negative energies. Marcel Remus to ““: “More and more customers attach importance to positive energies in the property. And if the customers express the wish for a clearing, I’ll be happy to fulfill it! In America, it is already widespread to consult a medium before buying a house. In the end, gut feeling counts and if Ira can influence that positively and this leads to a purchase, that’s perfect for everyone.” How can you imagine that?

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“You start at the entrance to the apartment or house and carefully go from room to room, up to the roof. You work with sage, frankincense or salt. Sage, for example, not only has an antibacterial and cleansing effect on a sore throat, but also on negative energy. It is particularly important to pay special attention to the corners of a room, as this is where negative energy tends to settle,” explains the medium herself. Carmen Geiss (58) and her daughters Davina (20) and Shania ( 19) were already making use of Ira Wolff’s fortune-telling abilities. And they are not alone in that. Because numerous celebrities have already dared to look into the future.

Sylvie Meis, Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston: Celebrities get advice here

Sylvie Meis (45) is said to have sought advice from a woman named Sirana Bruens before separating from ex-husband Rafael van der Vaart (40, married from 2005 to 2013), reported at the time “De Telegraaf”. And private clairvoyants were and are also very popular in Hollywood: Brad Pitt (59), Jennifer Aniston (52) or Demi Moore (60) make no secret of the fact that they trust people with supposedly supernatural powers.

But it can be even more extreme: As is well known, Tom Cruise (61) belongs to the extremely questionable Scientology faith community. He has been part of the sect since 1986, and his ex-wives Nicole Kidman (56) and Katie Holmes (44) also joined him at times. Michelle Hunziker (46) was also part of a sect – the association called itself “Warriors of Light”, in which she was a member for almost six years. Even her marriage (1998 – 2009) to Eros Ramazzotti (59) is said to have broken up at the time. Unlike Cruise, she escaped the clutches — on her own.

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Proud grandparents: adorable photo with Eros Ramazzotti and baby Cesare

Proud grandparents: Adorable photo by Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti © © Instagram/therealhunzigram; Promipool

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