Marc Márquez (Honda), he MotoGP champion who, last Sunday, starred in one of the most vibrant races of the last decades and was on the verge, on the verge, of crowning the most historic comeback, from 16th to 3rd place in 15 laps, was operated today, in the Barcelona clinic Dexeus-Quirón, by the team of doctor Xavier Mir, which has fixed the complete fracture of the middle third of the right humerus and he was able to verify, with satisfaction for everyone, that the radial nerve, which moves the fingers of that hand, was not affected despite the tremendous blow that the front wheel of the Honda RC213V The Cervera (Lleida) pilot hit him on the forearm at the time of the accident.

Successful operation

The doctors, who were unable to make a complete diagnosis in the clinic of the Jerez circuit because the pilot was very, very, sore and, at that time, the most important thing was to calm that pain, they were seriously concerned, not so much about the difficulty of the operation but about the recovery period of the eight-time world champion, in case that the radial nerve had been damaged. The intervention, of which the doctors will report in the middle of the afternoon, has been a success and everything seems to indicate that, as El Periódico announced in its edition yesterday, the world champion Repsol Honda team only the Andalusian Grand Prix, which is held this week on the same route as Jerez.

Dr. Mir’s team, which has had the collaboration of the Dr. Sergi Barrera, also a shoulder, arm and hand specialist, “has performed”, according to the statement, a few minutes ago by the Repsol Honda team“An open reduction and internal fixation of a titanium plate in the right humerus. The radial nerve was intact and has not required treatment.” The patient will remain hospitalized for 24 to 48 hours and the same statement indicates that “the pilot’s objective is return to the World Cup as soon as possibleThere are already those who think that the doctors should retain Márquez and convince him that he cannot escape this weekend to Jerez, since he is eager, excited and determined to try, especially after knowing that the radial nerve, that, if damaged, could have complicated the intervention and recovery, he is safe and sound.

Tight schedule

Obviously, that does not mean that Márquez, capable of doing what no other driver does, has the possibility of making up the points lost in Jerez last Sunday. On that occasion, the eight-time champion had already secured the 16 points of the third place on the podium and had very easy, in the absence of four laps, star in the feat of overtaking Maverick Viñales (Yamaha), with serious difficulties to keep up with the MM93, since his front tire had worn a lot. If he had succeeded, Márquez would have added 20 precious points from second place and, therefore, would remain the great favorite to renew the title. Now with his injury, operation, recovery and discharge this Sunday, Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha), winner in Jerez, and ‘MVK’ They are the great candidates for the title.

“Marc has nothing to regret. Honda and his entire team have tremendous respect and admiration for everything he does and how he does it”

Alberto Puig

Head of the Repsol Honda team, MotoGP world champion

In spite of everything, there are still 12 races (or more, in the event that in winter it can be run in some Asian countries and the World Cup can be extended to 16 grand prizes with Argentina, Thailand and Malaysia) and, therefore, given the superiority shown by Márquez and his Honda, last Sunday, anything can happen. It is obvious that the recovery, despite having the radial nerve of the right arm intact and unaffected, will not be easy.

The admiration of the team

“Marc has nothing to regret,” said his head of the Repsol Honda team, Alberto Puig, who showed his full support for his aggressive riding style and his admiration. “Marc showed on Sunday that he and his bike are two steps ahead of everyone. Not only was he a little faster, no, he was much faster than everyone else. The difference, like it or not, continues to grow year after year “

Puig acknowledged that he came to dream of victory. “I think that at the pace Marc was going, almost a second faster per lap than the head, he could have even caught Quartararo, who had a great race. We know what kind of driver we have, hence his renewal has been for four more years. Honda and the entire Repsol team are very proud to be led by a rider of this level, so special, so spectacular. We all have tremendous respect and admiration for what Marc does and how he does it. “