Marc Lavoine and Line Papin said yes this Saturday, July 25 at the town hall of the 5th arrondissement of Paris.

Marc Lavoine has shared his life for several years with the novelist Line Papin, 33 years his junior. The singer does not hesitate to pay tribute to his companion as soon as he has the opportunity. “This is the most important meeting I have had. She is a very great novelist. She has amazing handwriting and she is very talented“, he confided recently to TV-Leisure. He also unveiled behind the scenes of their meeting during an interview with Michel Cymes: “I’m with a novelist called Line Papin and that I had the chance to interview a few years ago for his first novel“, he said then.”Some time later, she sent me her second book, which I did not receive. Finally I said to him: ‘I’m going to buy your book and please accept my dinner invitation’ and then there you go.“, he concluded. And this Saturday, July 25, according to Le Parisien, the couple took an additional step: they got married!

A discreet marriage

Marc Lavoine and Line Papin said yes to the town hall of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, in all discretion. This is the singer’s third marriageShe has piercing eyes, 57 years old: in the early 1980s, he first married Denise Pascal, with whom he had a son. In 1995, he married Sarah Poniatowski, a Parisian designer with whom he remained in a relationship for 23 years. Together, they will have three children: Yasmine, born in 1998 and who is now making her debut as an actress, Roman, born in May 2007, and Milo, born in 2010. The couple separated in 2018, indicating to the ‘AFP: “Sarah and Marc Lavoine have made the decision to separate. They have chosen to make this information public in an exceptional way because their priority is to preserve the privacy of their three children in these times that everyone knows is difficult.

24-year-old novelist

Line Papin is a 24-year-old novelist, born in Hanoi, Vietnam, on December 30, 1995, to a French father and a Vietnamese mother. His first novel, Awakening, was published when she was only 20 years old and quickly became popular. His second book, Girls’ bones, was published in 2018. It is also thanks to this gift for writing that Line Papin will have met Marc Lavoine end of 2016.