Marathón eliminated Real Sociedad with two great goals from Odín Ramos and Clayvin Zúniga at the start of the Apertura tournament


marathon started the Apertura tournament of the National League with the right foot after beating 2-0 the Real society in own Francisco Martinez de Tocoa.

The first few minutes were not easy for the purslane, but as time went by they settled in well and took control of the ball in the match.

Despite certain dangerous actions in the first part, the special guest reached the second part and it was through Odín Ramos, who spent a crack move.

The skillful purslane player took the ball down the left flank, removed a mark and approached the area, where he finished off with his left foot and beat Fox.

With the score against, the Aceitero coach, Américo Scatolaro, moved the bench to go to the front to look for the tie, but they did not have dangerous actions.

When everything indicated that the scoreboard ended with a single goal, Clayvin Zúniga appeared, who returned to the National League with a very fine nose for goal. The attacker took advantage of a loose ball outside the area and without thinking twice finished off with his right leg and defeated the Nicaraguan goalkeeper.



REAL SOCIETY: Denvorn Fox, Deyron Martínez, Franco Güity, Micher Antúnez; Jamal Charles, Maynor Antunez, Edder Delgado, Darwin Diego; César Oseguera, Klifox Bernárdez and Déster Mónico.

Yellow cards: Micher Anthony, Maynor Anthony

Changes: Rony Martinez by Jamal Charles, Daniel Rocha by Déster Monica and Roney Bernardez by Franco Güity, Mariano Ortiz by Maynor Antunez.

goals: There was not.

MARATHON: Rafael García, Sergio Peña, Damín Ramírez, Selvin Guevara; César Guillén, Javier Arriaga, Allans Vargas, Braian Molina; Lucas Campana, Juan Vieyra and Felix Crisanto.

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Yellow cards: Brian Molina

Changes: Solani Solano by Selvin Guevara, Odin Ramos by Cesar Guillen, Clayvin Zuniga by Lucas Campana and Luis Vega by Juan Vieyra.

goals: Odin Ramos and Clayvin Zuniga.



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