A 37-year-old Cuban accused Diego Maradona and his entourage of violence and alleged abuse, including kidnapping.

Mavys Alvarez Rego made serious accusations against Maradona and his entourage.


She had, when she was a minor, an affair with the Argentine idol about twenty years ago.

Mavys Alvarez Rego, a mother of two aged 15 and 4 who now lives in Miami, told reporters in Buenos Aires how she met Maradona at 16, when the star, then in her forties, was living in Cuba, where he was in rehab.

“I was dazzled, he conquered me (…). But after two months everything started to change, ”she said, claiming that Maradona had pushed her to use cocaine, making her in turn addicted. “I loved him but I hated him too, I even thought about suicide,” she said.


Mavys Alvarez Rego notably claimed to have been held against his will for weeks in a hotel by relatives of Maradona, during a trip to Buenos Aires with Maradona in 2001 for a series of tributes. She was forbidden to go out on her own, and she had been forced to have breast augmentation surgery.

Ms. Alvarez also claimed that Maradona, with whom the relationship lasted “between 4 and 5 years”, “raped” her on one occasion at their home in Havana. And she mentioned several episodes of physical violence.

She testified this week in Buenos Aires to an Argentine prosecutor, seized of a complaint not by herself, but by an Argentine NGO “Foundation for Peace”, moved by the confessions of the Cuban in American media these last few weeks. The complaint relates in particular to trafficking in human beings, deprivation of liberty, reduction in servitude, assault and battery.

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