Mara Venier connects with Naples?  “Salutame a…”: it ends very badly in record time |  Video

Mara Venier connects with Naples? “Salutame a…”: it ends very badly in record time | Video

Today, Sunday 30 April, it could be a historic day for Naples. The day of that championship that has been missing for more than thirty years, since the time of Diego Armando Maradona. And the capital of Campania is in fibrillation, with the streets exploding and the party ready to go wild. In fact, Luciano Spalletti is about to put his signature on a majestic undertaking, on the victory of a dominated championship. And so, all the spotlights are on Naples. Including those of Domenica In, the show hosted by Mara Venier on Rai 1. For the occasion, here is a correspondent in Naples, to look forward to the party surrounded by fans. “It takes my breath away.” Mara Venier collapses in tears: agony in Venice And in the very first bars of the episode, Aunt Mara connects with the correspondent. But not everything goes right. The link doesn’t work: the images are a shapeless mass of colors and not even the audio reaches the studio. And so Venier, with her usual irony, comments in the face of that type of connection: “Seee… ciao… saluteme à soreta. You can’t hear anything, you can’t see anything!”. Then a hearty laugh and the connection closed. With Naples, he tries again later.

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