Mara Cifuentes shared a topless photo, but it was her crotch that caught the eye

Mara Cifuentes shared a topless photo, but it was her crotch that caught the eye

Since he rose to fame with his participation in the reality ‘The agency: battle of models’the renowned transgender model Mara Cifuentes He stole the hearts of millions of Internet users who fell in love with his indisputable beauty and great charisma.

Through her social networks, the paisa has been open with her millions of followers on Instagram to whom she has revealed details of her private life such as her addiction problem and all about your process transformation into a woman

It is common for the model to frequently share images where she reveals what her appearance was like when she was a child, since on several occasions the paisa has expressed that she is not ashamed of her past and that on the contrary She takes pride in her process.

Although it was speculated that the famous would have already undergone surgery sex changeThis was denied with the recent publications of the famous, where she has shown on several occasions that this is not the case.

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This time, the young woman shared a carousel of two images on her profile in which, as usual, she wasted sensuality by posing scantily clad.

In the snapshots, Mara posed in front of a mirror while exposing her completely naked torso and covers her breasts with her hands and a white pantyhose.

But beyond its disclosure, it was a detail in his crotch that stole all eyes because of this a lump is evident.

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Internet users did not take long to react and while some filled her with compliments, many others did not take long to dispatch in criticism against him.

“Close your legs to hide”, “The bulge”, “Divina Mara”, “The body”, “Opaque to many”, “Beautiful mermaid”, “What a need”, “To show the package”, reads in the comments.



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