Mar Castro, the “Chiquitibum”: what happened to her and what does she look like now?

Mar Castro rose to fame at the age of 17. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

In the 86 World Cup in Mexico, the commercial for a famous beer catapulted a well-known young woman to fame like the “Chiquitibum”, its name es Castro Sea and was recognized for her beauty, in addition, the population named her queen of the World Cup. The woman had in that then 17 years.

  • In nickname of “Chiquitibum” was left after participating in said commercial from the brewery where he appreciated with many people and his unique dance, as well as beauty stood out from the crowd.

“Chiquitibum a la bim bom ba” It was the phrase of the commercial where it came out Castro Sea, the catchy tonality of the phrase was shortened over time and the young woman was known as the “Chiquitibum”; The woman is of Spanish descent and she came to Mexico to study Drama at UNAM.

In an interview with the young woman, Mar Castro assured that she did not want to be recognized for the commercial all her life, since she studied to work as an actress, both on television, theater and cinema. Currently, she shares some photos of her on her social networks.

  • On her Instagram account, the woman introduces herself as a singer-songwriter and actress, and lives in Los Angeles, California, United States.

The unique club does not know for sure its origin, according to the media it is a recycling of various soccer songs.

  • Mar Castro is about 53 years oldWell, when he rose to fame in Mexico he was 17 and doing the math, the World Cup in Mexico 86 was 36 years ago.

In addition to the famous world cup queen, the contest was won by Argentina, led by Diego Armando Maradona, who lifted the World Cup title. Among the feats of “Fluff” highlighted his great performance against England.

In that match Maradona scored a very peculiar goal called “the hand of God”, which he made in that part of the body, despite the repetitions where the flagrant foul was observed, in the match the referee validated the goal.

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