Manu’s visit to the National Team in Las Vegas

With his usual simplicity and low profile, Ginobili stopped by the hotel first and then was in practice visiting former teammates and meeting new ones. Campazzo’s opinion on what he generated in the group.

The day before, almost without warning, he had passed by the hotel where the National Team is staying in this Olympic preview in Las Vegas. Low profile, he was in the Argentine dining room and chatted with Sergio Hernández and the players. Even, in his own way, he threw away some tips indirectly. Like Leandro Bolmaro, who he told not to worry if he noticed differences with the NBA today – Argentina lost forcefully against the United States on Tuesday. “I, in the first tournament I played -Preolympic 99-, they ran me back and forth like a doll”, He told who, possibly in a few months, will be the new Argentine in the NBA. Thus, always with simplicity and good vibes, he chatted with all those who were there, being the same Manu curious and interested as always.

This Thursday, with the presence of his friend Adrián Paenza, he appeared early at the Cox Pavilion, while the players were in the gym. When the players appeared on the court, they came slowly to greet him while he was chatting with Oveja. Around a stretcher a conclave was assembled in which Luis Scola participated. The captain had been accompanied by two of his four sons, Tiago and Tomás, who quickly got into a chat with the idol. “I want to see your shooting mechanics”, she told the minor, who stood up and nailed her with three points. “Very good, huh”, Manu told him.

Then, together with Paenza, he followed the whole practice with great attention and, when it finished, without wanting to disturb, he timidly approached some players. Facu Campazzo came to meet them and they chatted for a while before taking the funny group photo that Prensa CAB put together. “There is not much to say, I like to come to see them, to be close …”, said Gino, who retired from basketball three years ago and five years ago, just in the previous Olympic Game, from the National Team.

“Manu’s visit was very nice. We haven’t seen him for a long time and his presence always brings good energy, good vibes …. He adds a lot to us as a group. Furthermore, we are all very grateful to him for what he means as an athlete and as a person. , someone who has transcended our sport and always comes back as one more. I, occasionally, I was talking about basketball because he always wants to know how the team and each one of us is doing, especially the newest ones. And of course we chatted a bit. of other things in life “, revealed the base of the Selection that is preparing for the debut in Tokyo, on the 26th against Slovenia.


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