What are the main proposals of the candidate for national deputy for the New MAS and the solutions it raises for some problems in the country

The candidate for national deputy for the New MAS, Manuela Castañeira, had a strong cross with a journalist who, in a live program, criticized her because she questioned capitalism but used an iPhone.

The controversy occurred when during the Intratables program, which is broadcast by America, the journalist Gabriel Levinas lashed out at the left-wing candidate after a tense debate about the failures of capitalism.

Levinas pointed to the cell phone that Castañeira had on the table. “You are a provocateur, with my salary I buy what is sung to me”, The candidate answered bluntly in the program broadcast on Wednesday night, the same day that the campaign closing acts took place.


Levinas pointed out that the device “It was produced by capitalism”. The leftist leader did not remain silent and said: “No, the human work, it is a stupid, human work “, insisted on the origin of the manufacture of the iPhone

Faced with that response, the journalist redoubled his criticism: “Buy Cuban phone.” To which Castañeira responded, with a more indignant tone: “I buy the one that is sung to me with my salary and I will tell you one thing, that is the problem of the capitalists who think they produced everything.”

Faced with Levinas’ insistent offensive, the candidate replied indignantly: “We are talking about the system and you want to talk about what I have on and what I use. It is a huff.”

“Do you know what the mistake is? This was done by human work, the same as the toilet and toilet paper that I used this morning and I hope you use it too. What do you want, that I don’t use it? a stupid“he added.

Levinas retorted that “it is stupid that you advocate all systems that have failed in the world,” and Castañeira returned him that “human work makes technology, makes clothes, makes computers. Did Aristotle invent capitalism? But please. How low is it? level, go back to study, what a low level “, closed the leader.

New MAS proposals

Prior to the discussion with the journalist, the candidate for national deputy was able to expose some of the main proposals of its political platform.

He indicated that in his opinion, it is necessary to apply a 50% export tax farms of large landowners. He also mentioned the possibility of a idle housing tax to solve the serious housing problem of Argentina. Another of the measures that Castañeira proposes is not to pay the foreign debt and dedicate all the money to recover the Argentine economy from a popular perspective.

Likewise, the candidate assured that it is not that the political campaign is empty of ideas, but there is a campaign in the media to make believe that it is. And he gave as an example his spot in which two trap singers talk about marijuana. He said that his commercial raised questions that were not previously in the political discussion, and that “that is generating content.”


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