Manon Van and Jordan (10 Couples) still together since the shooting? We have the answer

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Credit: @vaarruecos

While Jordan and Manon Van slowly get closer in 10 Perfect Couples, are they still together since the end of filming? We have the answer!

In recent days, the fifth season of 10 Perfect Couples has been in full swing on TFX. And the least we can say is that reconciliations are already well underway in the villa. Between Sarah Lopez and Ahmed or even Romane and Giovanni, the candidates waste no time in trying to find their match and more if affinities. And this is particularly the case of Jordan who seems to hesitate a lot between Manon Van and Anissa. However, as we know, the famous ch’ti will eventually fall under the spell of the former candidate of the Marseillais. Moreover, their chemistry begins to really be felt in the episodes.

Manon Van and Jordan are they still together since the filming of 10 Perfect Couples? – Credit (s): @vaarruecos

But then, several months after the shooting of the show, are the two lovers still together? According to blogger Vaarruecos, their story is stronger than ever. Thus, he explains: “Yes, they’re still together since the end of 10 Perfect Pairs. It’s not moving!” Suffice to say that the program allowed them to meet the great love. Moreover, Manon and Jordan have a hard time hiding since they show up in the same places at the same times on their social networks. Thus, we can see that they recently went around a lake before offering themselves a gourmet break with a chocolate waffle.

Stories that last after the filming of 10 Perfect Couples

But Manon Van and Jordan are not the only ones to have found love on the set. This is particularly the case of Sarah Lopez and Tom Brusse who have not hesitated to appear together for a few months.. Far from wanting to preserve the mystery, they seem madly in love with each other. As for Anthony Mattéo and Romane, it’s love to love too even if they are more discreet. Moreover, the beautiful brunette recently spoke about astrology on his Instagram account. A clear sign that he is now in a relationship with Romane who made things clear as soon as he arrived: it is his greatest passion.


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