Two days after Manny Manuel’s manager, Luisín Martí reported the singer’s hospitalization for a relapse into alcoholism, the King of Hearts sent a message to his followers this morning in which he talks about the reasons that led him to this situation and narrates the process in which it finds itself.

In a recording of almost four minutes, Cruz Manuel Hernández Santiago revealed that he has been in a “detoxification process” for four days, caused by a relapse after what he describes as the most difficult moment of his life, a year and a half ago.

It is not the first time that Manny Manuel has entered a detoxification program due to a problem that has even caused him problems with the law.

Here are their full statements:

“Today, July 28, 2020, I have been going through a detoxification process for four days, not just a physical one, a mental detoxification, a spiritual detoxification.

“As you know, over a year ago I had a very difficult experience and one that marked my life. From that moment I decided not to touch alcohol. Months passed, days passed, and I decided then, after practically a year and a half to come to Puerto Rico to see my family and I am not going to deny them that then, well, I felt strengthened; I felt like I had control in my hands. However, I was wrong.

“And so then I decide to go into a detoxification process and then return to the person I really am.

“The experience is strengthening me mentally and spiritually, and I feel very comfortable, very comfortable with the experts who are treating me in my process. From here I will immediately go to a second phase as part of the rehabilitation.

“And at this moment in time when the COVID-19 pandemic allows me to give myself a space to rest, I decide to take time to continue growing and I am going to voluntarily enter a treatment program that will further help this process and strengthen everything you have to strengthen, both physically and mentally and spiritually. It is a time that I hope to make the most of with the help of great professionals. It is just a pause that will keep me a bit away, but soon, very soon, when we will be well again, but when we feel ready to be in front of an audience and give them everything, all the best, as a great one does, then we will continue to enjoy life.

“I want to send a huge hug to everyone, to everyone who has worried. Thank you all very much for your love, support and your prayers.

“Now I want to finish with something very important: asking for help is not cowardly, when you feel you need help ask for it and if they offer it to you, even if you resist, accept it.

“I love you very much, as always, you know, I am still a human being. But we will be much wiser than yesterday. “Thank you all, God bless me. A kiss.”