Männedorf ZH – Adolf Muschg’s wife is racially insulted – then a bouquet of flowers follows


Atsuko Muschg-Kanto was mobbed by students in Männedorf with racist insults. After a personal encounter everything suddenly changed.

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Writer Adolf Muschg, his wife Atsuko Kanto-Muschg and the mayor of Männedorf, André Thouvenin, in a picture from 2014. In June 2021, Muschg tells in an article in the “Zürichsee-Zeitung” about a racist attack against his wife.


Atsuko Muschg-Kanto is Japanese. Recently, a group of young people joined them Shouting like “Tsching-Tschang-Chinatown”.


After the group terrorized the couple with constant ringing of the doorbell, popped a group of three Pupils and three Pupils at his house and gave Atsuko Muschg-Kanto a bouquet of meadow flowers, «Neatly lined up in a small rack of test tubes.»


  • The wife of the writer Adolf Musch was racially molested by young people.

  • She photographed the group when she saw them again.

  • Schoolchildren brought her a bouquet of flowers.

The Swiss writer Adolf Muschg reports in the «Zürichsee-Zeitung» of an incident of racism against his wife, which ultimately led to students in class 3b in Männedorf bringing the couple a bouquet of flowers.

Atsuko Muschg-Kanto is Japanese. Recently she was from a group of young people who in Männedorf were out on their bikes and were racially insulted, writes Muschg. With shouts like “Tsching-tschang-Chinatown” the young people molested his wife. The verbal attack followed for days Klangel terror on the front door. At some point the Muschgs would have stopped responding to the ringing. «Maybe we missed one or two parcel post», commented the author in his text.

“Why are they taking photos of us?”

Days later, the couple recognized the young men on the way to school again in a larger group. «AThe third time they passed by, my wife couldn’t resist the temptation to take a photo of the pile on her cell phone.» Gives sei edescends the young man aapproached them. He politely asked Atsuko Muschg-Kanto: «Why are you taking pictures of us? You are not allowed to do that!”. The writer’s wife immediately deleted the photo. “Thank you,” said the young man, and moved on with his group.

Adolf Muschg cannot say what happened afterwards. However, shortly afterwards a group of emerged three Pupils and three Pupils at his house and gave Atsuko Muschg-Kanto a bouquet of meadow flowers, «Neatly lined up in a small rack of test tubes.»When asked what that was for, the embarrassed youngsters said they would rather not comment on it. But Adolf Muschg and his wife Atsuko have suspicions.

Are you or is someone you know affected by racism?

GAME, S.foundation against Racism and anti-semitism

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