Mandrake: here are the real conditions of the obligation to redeem

In the loan agreement there was an option to purchase for nine million euros

At this moment the card of Rolando Mandragora is back in the hands of Juventus. The grenades have decided not to exercise the right of redemption set at 14 million after the conditions for triggering an obligatory redemption of 9 million euros.

Within the eighteen-month loan agreement stipulated in January 2021 – according to what collected by Toro News – there were in fact several clauses for the purchase of the player by the grenade by June 17, 2022, including a redemption obligation subject to two conditions. The first of these was the salvation del Toro, who maintained the category without any difficulty in the season just ended. However, the clause was not activated because Mandragora did not reach the twenty appearances as owner in the league, the second requirement to trigger the mandatory redemption of 9 million euros.

In the championship that has just ended, the midfielder has collected only 16 appearances as a starter in the league, four fewer than necessary. With the trip to Bergamo on April 27th missed due to fever, one of the two conditions that would have triggered the compulsory redemption has in fact disappeared. For the failure to reach twenty appearances from the 1st minute, the injury to the meniscus in October weighs heavily: after the operation Mandragora was absent for almost two months, skipping eight races.

Once the redemption obligation of nine million was lost, the grenade was left with only the possibility of exercising the right of redemption set at 14 by June 17, a figure that Toro considered excessive, thus deciding to let the option expire. This does not mean that Cairo and Vagnati have definitively renounced Mandragora, quite the contrary. There are ongoing negotiations with Juventus but there is still distance between the parties: the grenades offer approx 8-8.5 million euros for one request that is around 11-12. Therefore, new meetings will be needed, but the Mandragora track is alive despite the lack of redemption.



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