Mancini square

Mancini square

LAROMA24.IT – He had to go out, Llorente was on the sidelines ready to enter, the game was over. And instead the loot at the end of the evening reads: a ground-to-air missile in the net, a wall raised in front of the unfortunate Vlahovic (was he playing?), a player sent off fighting on an inch of the pitch in the 90th minute, a kiss in the South. An evening like this not even in the dream date. It was supposed to be Dybala’s evening, Pellegrini’s night, Abraham’s goal dedicated to the newborn baby: no sir, Gianluca Mancini sent the ball into goal. Perhaps the most unexpected goal, and what a goal, celebrated with a roar heard as far as the square of the same name, burning the grass to pave Roma’s way to victory. Against Chiellini’s team, now Bonucci’s, “Mancio” was the boss in his house, tooth and nail, cunning and courage. MV extension

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