These images are appalling. They were captured in broad daylight in New York on Monday by a gas station surveillance camera. They show the attempted kidnapping of a three-year-old girl while she is under the supervision of her grandmother with her two older brothers.

The 3 children and their grandmother are getting ready to cross a pedestrian crossing. The wanderer crosses the road and walks towards the group. Suddenly, the man wraps the little girl in a quilt and runs away with her much to the horror of the other children and the 65-year-old grandmother who immediately chased the man.

His two grandsons watch in horror the man running away with their sister. One of the little boys jumps up and down in terror.

The grandmother was able to benefit from the help of Good Samaritans, alerted by her cries, which scared the kidnapper who finally let go of the child.

“I was sweeping the sidewalk. I saw the lady with three children pass by. All of a sudden this guy is running across the street and wraps the little girl in a blanket,” described a witness Fermin Bracero, 63, to the New York Daily News. “He tried to cut, but a whole bunch of us got involved, so he let the little girl down.”

“You could hear the grandmother screaming, ‘My little girl! My little girl! She was hysterical. It was like a movie, but it’s real life. It was crazy”, Bracero said.

Police caught the suspect, Santiago Salcedo, sleeping in a doorway later that day.

He was charged with kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment and endangering children on Monday night and smiled on cameras as he was arrested Monday night.

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